I’m currently the lead Film Critic for LA Weekly, and I’ve been a reader and creative development assistant for Goldcrest Films and JKE and a story analyst for Aldamisa International. My original feature screenplay, The Patriarchy, was a finalist for the 2013 Sundance Screenwriters Lab, and my feature script Dominion was a finalist for the 2014 Sundance Labs. Associate producer for the feature film Molly Takes a Trip, directed by Annika Kurnick and screening all over in festivals.

I’m also founder and producer of One Axe Plays, a film/TV/theater collective for women writers, directors, and performers, producing videos and films and monthly live programming at the Women’s Center for Creative Work.

I hold a BA in Playwriting & Fiction Writing from Western Michigan University and an MFA in Fiction Writing from Boise State University. To listen to or watch some of my work, see below.

“Let the Men Talk”
KLAM 109.5 podcast
My alter ego as angry man, Richard “Big Dick” Johnson

“Power Outage!!!”
KLAM 109.5 podcast
My Dry Arroyo Casino Hotel spot

“Dark Shadow”
NPR, Snap Judgment
My story of ghosts, signs, and possessed cars

“Applewood Smoked Bacon”
NPR, Snap Judgment
My story of bacon, breakups, and blacking out

“The Things I Would Save “
NPR, Snap Judgment
My story of finding love in a hoarder house, an adaptation of my blog post, “On Falling in Love and The Things I Would Save From the Fire.”


Trailer for Molly Takes a Trip.

Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later

Can You Get Arrested for Swearing at Cops?

Kids Serving Life Without Parole

Servers Explain #1


8 responses to “Film/Radio/Stage

    • I miss Michigan all the time. I miss it so much that I’m trying to make a movie there, just so I can reside in The Mitten for a month. I take it you’re a proud Michigander yourself?

  1. Yes, I just returned from Leelanau Country (IE heaven) to Portland. Not sure what that makes Portland? I have a sceen play for a web series I’d like to film there myself–

    I always say, “if everyone who wanted to live in Michigan just moved back? We’d have an economy!”

    That sounds like fodder for another script doesn’t it?


  2. I really enjoyed your story on Snap Judgment, so much in fact I had to seek out your blog. If I’m not mistaken, the end of the story mentioned you have something in the works related to widowers? If so, I will have to keep an eye out as I am a young widower myself.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jason! I directed a short narrative film called WIDOWER, yes. I’ll post a link to it here when we do an online premiere. Often we relegate widowing to the elderly, but people love and lose at every age.

    • Hahaha! I’m glad you got a positive from it. Sometimes I listen to that story and take a deep sigh of relief that I’ve been able to move on from the cleaning business. Phew.

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