Fiction Writing

I’m a 2014 A Public Space Emerging Writer Fellow in fiction and a 2016 Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award winner. I’m currently working on a gothic literary suspense novel set in 1930s Northeast in a true-history American tragedy.

I am represented by Michelle Brower of Zachary Shuster Harmsworth.

Published short fiction in no particular order:

“Trig Functions”
A Public Space

“Netflix Synopses for the Unaired Reboot of Murder, She Wrote
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“A metaphor for something like Love,” “Full Episodes,” “By Sunday, I Will Be Killed/Fucked/Married,” “Re: Resurrection”
Pair Shaped
from a collaborative series with photographer Heather Sten

“To Be Or Not Whatever”
The Intentional Quarterly (forthcoming)

“Entries from the J. Peterman Drone Accessories Catalogue”
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Bad Hemispheres”
Broke Journal
Inaugural issue

“The Hollywood Endings”
Comedy Issue


“What Would Disney Lyricist Stephen Schwartz Do?”

“Play House”
Quarterly West
#68 Spring/Summer 2009

“The Childhawk”
The Pinch
#29 Fall 2010

“The Wolf Mother”
The Pinch, #30 Spring 2010
Nominated for Pushcart
3rd place winner of Fiction Contest, selected by Brian Evenson
(Here’s a review from The Review Review that says, “The third place prize in fiction went to A. Wolfe for ‘The Wolf Mother.’ This heartbreaking story of Maggie, a young working class mother abandoned by her lover, shows what she does to survive. Again, there are many point of view switches between fragments. The plot is intertwined with encyclopedic information about the wolf. We learn about mythical stories of children raised by wolves, wolf packs, mating behavior and the realities of childrearing in the wild. ‘Wolves very seldom leave the pack, but at least one in every family will go.’ This was a disturbing story about abandonment on many levels.”)

The Collagist, #12
Original performance with musical accompaniment by Dan Casey of Yalls available for listening HERE.

“Death of the Family”
Unsaid, #5

The Rumpus
Sam Lipsyte Jump Off finalist

“Artificial Plants”
Broken Pencil, #52
(*also contributed original illustration)

The Boise Weekly
Flash Fiction Contest, 2009


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