Adelle Lutz: the woman who inspired a Naive Melody

David Byrne doesn’t write love songs, and to this day the only one he’s admittedly penned is the classic “Naive Melody.” About 1/10 of the general population seems to claim it’s their favorite love song, so it apparently did the trick. Byrne’s technique was to use multiple non-sequitors to evoke feelings of “love” when strung together. It’s the definition of poetry, associative memory and images. And while you might think “Naive Melody” was written just for you, you’d be remiss to find that it’s actually about the costume designer and actress Adelle Lutz.

In the Stop Making Sense video of “Naive Melody,” it’s both Lutz’s and Byrne’s body parts projected on the large screen behind the band. Byrne had just broken up with Twyla Tharp and fallen for Lutz before he wrote the song. Honestly, I wish I knew more about Lutz. Her most recognizable role in film came when she played a guest in the infamous dinner-party scene of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. It seems she doesn’t take many high-profile costume or acting jobs anymore, and she probably doesn’t have to, but if a human can spawn a love song of Helenic proportions, I’m very curious about who she is and what she does.

Watch the video below, or just watch it on repeat like I do. But also take a look at these rad BTS Beetlejuice photos from character actor Glenn Shadix.



That's Lutz on the bottom right.

That’s Lutz on the bottom right.


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