Elder Thoughts

I’m supposed to be reading a script and answering work emails, but I ended up picking up this old clip-art book I bought several years ago called Illustrations of Senior Citizens. E. Clams and I once made a giant stencil from one of the illustrations and used it to tag walls and streets in Boise, but I haven’t done much with it since then. So I started a tumblr called Elder Thoughts (http://elderthoughts.tumblr.com), because that’s the kind of thing people do when they want to do a stupid project .0001% of people might find interesting/funny/weird/offensive, and they wanna show it off.

It’s funny pictures with writing. I will update it regularly, because there are a million more pictures. There are other interesting things I can say about how these illustrations are depicting the elderly as disembodied Cialis commercials, but I’ll save that for another time.

Here’s Elder Thoughts.

RV Retirement


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