Lots and Lots of Jets, Planes, Penguins, and Catpower Disappointment

The other day, I spent about an hour on the James Coffey website. You may know James from his maddening scores for such video greats as Lots and Lots of Trains, Lots and Lots of Jets and Planes, and, my personal favorite, Lots and Lots of Penguins. Accompanying LaLoP is a genius song and video called “Party Like a Penguin,” which features emotionless CGI-animated penguins bobbing their heads and taking slides on their bellies in a strange dance ritual that resembles “partying.” It is also very difficult to find on YouTube now that Club Penguin released “Party Like a Rockstar.” They’re not the same thing. Anyway, the faint repetitive whispers of “party like a penguin” between every verse are reminiscent of every Ying Yang Twins whisper-song. It is awesome and strangely subversive, so I decided to get obsessed with the creator, James Coffey.

Sadly, most of Coffey’s song feature banjos and harmonicas, my two most-hated instruments. (Kazoo, you’re still safe for now, but don’t get complicated on me.) His website is nothing new for a prolific children’s songwriter, so I was a little disappointed, and I went off to other internet websites and blogs. Then this morning, I woke up, and I had an email from James Coffey. Could he have tracked who was looking at his website and added me to his list somehow?! I’m feeling paranoid. The strange thing was that the email said, “Catpower Give Away.” I was like, dude’s friends with Chan Marshall? Then I read the email, and he was, indeed, giving away a free Catpower DVD, to which he had contributed music.

Wow. Maybe this guy also knows the Ying Yang Twins! Nope. I did some more research and found that Catpower is actually a video of Big Cat construction machines moving and smashing things into dirt for two hours. The description also assured me there was no violence, sex, or drugs in this DVD. Further disappointment. I wonder if Cat Power knows about Catpower…another covers album?

Lots and Lots of Disappointment



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