Biff from BACK TO THE FUTURE’s future self.

Tomorrow night, I’ve got free tickets to see Tom Wilson do stand-up at Helium Comedy Club. Tom Wilson is Biff from Back to the Future for you trivia nerds. My boyfriend sent me the link to the free tickets. He didn’t want to go, because he didn’t know who Tom Wilson was. When I told him it was Biff, he reluctantly agreed. The deal was sealed when I saw his website, though. Whoa. First off, it’s, implying he’s the Tom Wilson of the USA. Then there’s this picture.

That’s a pretty good guarantee. And a good graphic. I’m not sure what’s going on with his fingers. It kind of looks like a still from a porno movie. I always get freaked out when people in a porno look directly into the camera. Back to Tom Wilson, because this guy is interesting. I’m a little obsessed with family-friendly comedy right now. I’m not sure if it actually exists, though we’re continually foisting it on ourselves. I’m a bit of a cornundrum in that I believe in a kind of childlike innocence, but I’m also a fan of John Waters, and I spent most of my twenties trying to offend everyone within a thirty-foot radius. I still cut all of my t-shirts down the center and right to the tits, which is why my friends lovingly call me Trampy V. But take a look at this video of Biff, I mean Tom Wilson, singing his “Question Song.” Tell me what you think. I need to think on this a little longer. I need to ask some questions about the “Question Song.”


2 responses to “Biff from BACK TO THE FUTURE’s future self.

  1. Tim, I feel your pain buddy. I know Tom Wilson UK too, lives down South now. He doesn’t deserve to be named after the legend that is Biff

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