Welcome to A Wolfe’s Wolf World. My name is actually April Wolfe. I’m a Michigander living in Los Angeles and the lead Film Critic for LA Weekly. Also a journalist, essayist, fiction writer, music writer, screenwriter, film director, editor, and designer. Founder and producer of the One Axe Plays collective from Women’s Center for Creative Work, 2014 A Public Space Emerging Writer Fellow, 2015 BinderCon Fellow, 2016 Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award winner, and a USC Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities fellow.

My feature-length screenplay, The Patriarchy, was a 2013 Sundance Screenwriters Lab finalist, and another feature Dominion was a 2014 Sundance Screenwriters Lab finalist. My narrative short film, Widower, which I wrote, produced, and directed, is available for viewing online. Associate producer of the feature Molly Takes a Trip, developing a handful of projects for film and television, making short films when time permits.

Formerly the editor-in-chief of The Picture Professional and a former story analyst for Aldamisa International, Goldcrest Films, and JKE. My non-fiction writing appears in Marie Claire, The AtlanticCityLabViceFlaunt, Dame, xoJaneBullettGood, Bust, The Portland Mercury, Broken Pencil, The Rumpus, and some other nice places. I’ve told a few stories for NPR/PRI’s Snap Judgment and sometimes perform stage shows and act.

I studied playwriting and fiction writing at Western Michigan University and did my MFA in fiction writing at Boise State. My fiction and poetry is in A Public SpaceUnsaid, The Collagist, Quarterly West, Broken Pencil, The Pinch, GEM, Barrelhouse, and some other nice places. I live and work with my partner Jeremy Bird (amazing film/video editor) and our cats, Turkey and Zoley (Lurky).

Image of me with my cat courtesy  hiroshi–clark.com



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  1. April, loved ur horder piece on snap judgement. Ur tone, thoughtfulness and introspection captured me. any interest or suggestions in helping me create a short interview series for SEO content? Tx Steve

    • Thanks for listening to the show, Steve! Best way to reach me is to write to my email, which is posted above on this page.

  2. Love your piece on Snap Judgement! What really caught me was, “What is the heaviest thing you own?” and the fact that it was a PICTURE really makes you think about how to prioritize the things in your life. BRAVO!

    • Dan, it truly is that idea of what we can fit in our arms and escape from the fire with that would really make it all worthwhile. Cleaning out those hoarder houses was such a difficult job, but it totally broke me out of this dangerous line of thinking, where I didn’t know at all what was more important. In all honesty, I think I have better relationships with all the people in my life now because of it. Thanks for listening!

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  4. I liked your discussion of Berger’s Ways of Seeing, particularly episode 2 over at Network Awesome. Nice work and I may browse through your site more as I have the time. Just curiously though, why does it appear in your photo above that you are choking your feline?

    • Thanks, Chris! It’s not often I get to wax poetic on art history or the philosophy of being, but Network Awesome is game for all of it. The cat photo is a funny story. Zoley enjoys a thorough scratching and deep scratching to get through his thick fur coat. He loves being held, but scratching around his chest and neck was the only thing that would keep him still and zen during the photographs. When the photos came back, though, I looked evil, and he looked like my captor. We love horror movies, so we had to keep it.

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