Welcome to A Wolfe’s Wolf World. My name is actually April Wolfe. I’m a Michigander living in Los Angeles and the lead Film Critic for LA Weekly. Also a journalist, essayist, fiction writer, music writer, screenwriter, film director, editor, and designer. Founder and producer of the One Axe Plays collective from Women’s Center for Creative Work, 2014 A Public Space Emerging Writer Fellow, 2015 BinderCon Fellow, 2016 Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award winner, and a USC Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities fellow.

My feature-length screenplay, The Patriarchy, was a 2013 Sundance Screenwriters Lab finalist, and another feature Dominion was a 2014 Sundance Screenwriters Lab finalist. My narrative short film, Widower, which I wrote, produced, and directed, is available for viewing online. Associate producer of the feature Molly Takes a Trip, developing a handful of projects for film and television, making short films when time permits.

Formerly the editor-in-chief of The Picture Professional and a former story analyst for Aldamisa International, Goldcrest Films, and JKE. My non-fiction writing appears in Marie Claire, The AtlanticCityLabViceFlaunt, Dame, xoJaneBullettGood, Bust, The Portland Mercury, Broken Pencil, The Rumpus, and some other nice places. I’ve told a few stories for NPR/PRI’s Snap Judgment and sometimes perform stage shows and act.

I studied playwriting and fiction writing at Western Michigan University and did my MFA in fiction writing at Boise State. My fiction and poetry is in A Public SpaceUnsaid, The Collagist, Quarterly West, Broken Pencil, The Pinch, GEM, Barrelhouse, and some other nice places. I live and work with my partner Jeremy Bird (amazing film/video editor) and our cats, Turkey and Zoley (Lurky).

Image of me with my cat courtesy  hiroshi–clark.com



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